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Welcome to Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali

Handmade Ceramic Tile and Hand Painted Ceramic Tile Specialist

Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali, Specializing in the design & production of handmade ceramic tile – hand painted ceramic tile. Suitable for architecture, interior design & exterior landscape.

Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali, formerly known as Pesamuan Ceramic founded in 1994 by Philip Lakeman & Graham Oldroyd. Philip & Graham collaborated for many years, bringing their skills, technology & design capability to the forefront of modern architecture handmade ceramic tile & hand painted ceramic tile.

Philip being the sole owner of the company since 2012, continues to push the boundaries in both ceramic design & technology.

“All production processes are by hand – from producing the tile, decoration & glazing. I want each tile to be a handcrafted work, an art piece in itself with no two tiles looking exactly the same. When installed they create an illusion, a modulation in both tone & texture. This is what makes our tiles unique. Inspiration for the Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali to design process takes historical references from many regions of the globe, including Asia, The Middle East & North Africa. I strive to produce ceramic tile with a fusion of historical elements combined with a contemporary vision.“ says Lakeman.

Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali continues to design & produce an ever expanding range of exquisite handmade ceramic tile, murals, landscape objects & ceramic decorative pieces. The studio can be commissioned to create custom designed ceramics for hotel & commercial projects such as restaurants, spas, private villas, residences & public art spaces.

Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali is at the cutting edge of design in the world of handmade ceramic tile & hand painted ceramic tile with an ever changing range of products that will provide an exciting & a fresh approach to your project.

Decorating process of handmade ceramic tile products by