About Us

Ceramic materials are something not always possible to exert total control over. It is the product of a combination of water, earth & fire, with the end result depending on both the hand & the very nature of the elements. Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali experiments extensively with the aesthetic & the material qualities of these elements, with the view to creating not only a product but also an authentic work of art.

Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali showcases the design & production of traditional handmade ceramic tile making, using a unique sand casting technique where each tile finished by hand-decorating & glazing. Whether it be the intricate textures of our Deco ceramic tiles or the vibrant surfaces applied to our Urban ceramic tile collection, you are assured of a unique & an exciting journey into the world of ceramic art. Our unique technology combined with handcrafted details sets Philip Lakeman Ceramic Bali apart from other studios. Our products deliver a warm & refreshing statement, inspired by the harmony of natural colours & surfaces.

It is our aim to be at the cutting edge of technical & aesthetic innovation in handmade ceramic tile by studying the materials & production methods that will enable us to always be a reference point for our clientele.

1956   Born in Benalla, Victoria, Australia
1979   Diploma of Art and Design Ceramics , ( Chisholm Institute ) Monash University,
Melbourne Australia
1980-1983   Formative travel throughout Europe & USA
1984   Traineeship Ceramics, The Jam Factory Craft Centre, Adelaide,
SA, Australia
1985-1986   Independent Studio, The Jam Factory Craft Centre, Adelaide,
SA, Australia. Formative travel to China
1987   Traveled throughout Europe and America
1988   Established ceramic studio, Newtown, Sydney, Australia.
Teaching Ceramics. Randwick College of TAFE, NSW, Australia
1989-1994   Established ceramic studio with Graham Oldroyd, Illawara, NSW, Australia. Design & production of architectural ceramics.
1990-1995   Production & Distribution of tiles Country Floors, Australia
1994   With Graham Oldroyd, established Pesamuan Keramic Seni studio Bali, Indonesia. Director of Design.
1997-2006   Production & Distribution of tiles Walker Zanger, USA
2006-2010   Production & Distribution of tiles Stone Pewter, USA
2010-2015   Production & Distribution of tiles Venus Ceramics International, Indonesia.
2012-present   Sole Owner / Director of Philip Lakeman Ceramics Bali

About Us

Tile Making / Casting

We use a unique sand casting process to produce our Deco ceramic tile. All tile designs originate from hand carved timber moulds created by our Balinese craftsmen. Tiles are cured overnight to harden & gain strength. They are then taken out of sand moulds & cleaned before being placed into the kiln for bisque firing.

Kiln - Bisque Firing

Both Urban ceramic tile & Deco ceramic tile are packed into the kiln & fired to approximately 900◦ Celsius to burn out the chemical water content & strengthen the ceramic material. We call this Bisque firing.

Glaze Making

We provide a beautiful selection of glazes from our extensive library plus we can create custom glaze colours as well. We offer dry, stain & gloss finishes depending on the desired surface quality.

Glaze Application

The glazes are either applied by hand to achieve a quality & patina finish which is unique to our studio or sprayed to achieve a uniform modulation of colour & tone.


Deco ceramic tile - this process starts with an engobe ( liquid based clay material ) painted over the ceramic body . Once dry the glaze stain is hand painted over the Deco tile in a random fashion to create a beautiful patina finish. A clear glaze is then sprayed over the tile to seal the surface & enrich the quality of the product.

Urban ceramic tile - this process starts with an engobe ( liquid based clay material ) painted over the ceramic body. Once dry the hand decorating process begins. Depending on the required design our skilled Balinese decorating team create unique hand painted surfaces & patterns from our many design categories. Each tile is a work of art & once kiln fired & installed the tile comes alive & demands to be touched & admired.

Kiln - Glaze Firing

The following step is kiln firing the ceramic for the second time, complete with ceramic glaze. This kiln firing is to a higher temperature 1100’ Celsius. This strengthens the ceramic & melts the glaze onto the ceramic body. This firing cycle takes approximately 8 hours to reach the required temperature. Once reached 1100◦ & the glazes have melted over the ceramic body the kiln is then turned off & the cooling process begins. Approximately 12 hours later the kiln door can be opened & the ceramic tiles are removed from the kiln.

Quality Control

The tiles are removed from the kiln & checked by our Quality Control Team. Tiles are checked for strength & vitrification - meaning the ceramic body would have gained its strength through the second kiln firing. Tiles are also checked & compared to the ‘ control sample ‘ to ensure matching colour & texture is similar to the control sample. There will always be variation in colour tone, surface quality & size of our tiles. This is the nature & quality of a handmade ceramic tile product.

Packing & Crating

Once the order is complete & checked for a final time it is then packed into designated size boxes. Each tile is packed vertically in between corrugated cardboard to ensure no connection between tiles. Tiles are packed by sizes - for example 10cm tiles in 1 box. 20cm tiles in another box. The tile order will be packed based on type and size. Deco tile with have corrugated card placed on design surfaces (back to back design) for protection. The carton box we use is DW (double wall). All boxes are labelled with design name, colour & quantity.

Support Team

It takes a village to produce our handmade ceramic tile & hand painted ceramic tile and that includes everyone in the office as well as on the factory floor. From Sales & Marketing to Projects to Accounting & Administration, we could not do without them.

Our History

Pesamuan Ceramic was founded in Bali by partners Graham Oldroyd & Philip Lakeman in 1994. Graham & Philip collaborated for many years bringing their skills, technology & design capability to the forefront of modern architectural handmade ceramic tile & hand painted ceramic tile. Their love of ceramics & passion for art, design & colour fueled their success & in the process sparked the revival of the art tile movement throughout Asia.

In 2012 Philip became the sole owner of Pesamuan Keramik & decided to rebrand the company to Philip Lakeman Ceramics. Philip is committed to leading the company in the spirit in which it was founded, with an eye for ceramic design & innovation.

Office & Showroom

Jalan Danau Poso No.20
Sanur, Denpasar Bali Indonesia 80227
Ph. +62 361 281440 / +62 81139 8112
Email. info@lakemanceramic.com
Office Hour : Monday to Friday
                        from 8 AM to 3 PM