Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes PLC Tile’s unique?
    Our Urban tiles showcase hand painted designs that are timeless and have been created by true Balinese artisans. Our Deco tiles are created using our sand casting technique. All tile products are handmade so no two tiles are identical. Glaze colours used in our tiles may vary from batch to batch. Our painting technique and tile design is customary to our philosophy of creating an authentic tile which is uniquely organic & full of character. The beautiful variation between our tiles cannot be imitated by modern techniques, moulds or other mass production practices.
  2. Where can your tiles be used?
    Our Tiles can be used almost everywhere – kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, fountains, outdoor walls and entry ways, fireplaces, patio benches, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and many other places. The high quality vitrified ceramic material glazed surface will protect the tiles from penetrating the water.
  3. What variances characteristics of handmade tiles can I expect to see in my tiles?
    Due to the handmade processes involved in creating our tiles, you can expect to see subtle differences in size, shape and glaze painting applications. The tiles may also not be exactly flat or perfectly square
  4. Can I return the tiles?
    The tiles can be checked prior to dispatch from the factory however once they have been signed off & left the factory it is not possible to return tiles. All tiles are custom made to order.
  5. Can I purchase Samples from PLC?
    We are happy to give samples free of charge however request the courier cost to be covered by you the client.
  6. What form of payment do you accept?
    The Form of Payment we received at the office can be made by Cash or by Debit / Credit Card. Others can be made by TT to our Bank Account.
  7. Do you Ship your tiles overseas?
    We ship our tiles all over the world. We have a reputable Cargo company in Bali we can recommend. We can assist you in obtaining quotations for packing & shipping.
  8. Will my tiles be insured for any damage which may occur during shipping?
    Tiles can be insured. This can be arranged with the Cargo Company.
  9. If the tiles are not exactly identical and perfectly flat, how do I lay them?
    We always recommend you use an experienced tiler who has worked with specialty tiles before. The tiler will have to know how to build up the surface area if the tiles is not completely flat so there are no void areas behind the tile and he or she will have to be skilled in tile application without using spacers.
  10. What size grout line should be used with these tiles?
    We strongly recommend that you or your tiler lay out your tiles prior the job beginning so that you can decide what size grout line and what tile layout appeals most to you.