Tile Installation



  1. Check with the supplier that tile is suitable for its intended purpose.
  2. You can lay new tiles over an even surface of existing tiles.
  3. Good subfloor or wall preparation is essential, should always be dry and even.
  4. Tiles can be applied directly to many wall finishes – paint, paper, plasterboard and brick. Handmade tiles are more difficult to fix than machine-made tiles. Floor tiles are thicker than wall tiles and less easy to cut.
  5. Use an appropriate adhesive – heatproof for behind cookers, waterproof for wet areas.
  6. Tile adhesive should be dry before grouting commences – we suggest the brand AM Grout.
  7. Ceramic tiles, the edges can tend to look less crisp than porcelain, so color and quality of grouting makes huge difference to the success of the overall effect.

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