Gumi Bricks Maintenance

Gumi bricks are hand made & handprinted. Avoid harsh chemical-based products when cleaning the surface of these tiles. Instead use mild soap & water coupled with a soft sponge or white clothe to avoid discolouration. If your Gumi brick has a crackle finish, clean it the same way you would a hand-painted tile. Consistent periodic application of a penetrating sealer is the most important maintenance step for a crackle surface installation. Unsealed tile will stain. Liquids & water may seep between the crackles & stain the tile,s clay body. Constant water seepage can compromise the integrity of an installation. Crackle glazes also continue to crackle throughout their lifetime necessitating a resealing schedule that is dependent on the installation location & amount of use (every 6 months in a wet area).