Agung Lava Stone Installation

  1. Unpack all the stone tiles & layout on the floor in a random combination so the colour tones & textures are mixed. Remember Agung Stone is a natural material with all the tiles being cut by hand & painted by hand so there will be slight variation in size & a modulation of colour tone throughout the collection “this is the beauty of Agung Stone”. We suggest to create the scale of the installation on the floor first. Once you are happy with the tonal mix then the tiler can start to install the tile from the bottom row and work their way up the wall.
  2. Agung Stone is kiln fired to 1100’ centigrade. Glazes are strong, permanent & vitrified, and can be cleaned like any other stone surface.
  3. Option A Application (Wet)
    • Wetting exterior walls
      Dampen concrete, masonry or stucco wall surfaces with water prior to the application of the Agung Lava Stone.
    • Wetting the Stones
      The back of the stones should be completely damp, but free from surface water at the time application. If using a modified mortar, follow manufacturer’s recommendation regarding wetting of stones and scratch coat.
    • Mortar & weather conditions
      If Agung Lava Stone being applied in hot or dry weather, the back of each peace should be moistened with a fine spray of water or a wet brush to adequately prevent excessive absorption of moisture from the mortar. If being installed over concrete, masonry or scratch coat substrate, the substrate surface area should also be dampened before applying mortar. Surface should appear damp but free of surface water.
  1. Option B Application (Dry)
    On some interior projects, the use of masonry adhesive offers a fast and easy alternative to mortar. Place adhesive as per adhesive manufacturer’s instructions on the back of each Deco Tile perpendicular to grooves on tile. Press and wiggle tile into place on wall surface until they bottom out. Set tile level and plumb, completing one row at a time.
Epoxy material

Epoxy material

Epoxy application
Epoxy application

Epoxy application

  1. We suggest to “but joint” the stone tiles. Meaning to have a 2-3mm spacing between each tile and if possible avoid using grout. If you prefer to use grout, we will givesuggestions below as to which grout material to use. Our suggested colour is black and it is important to wipe the excess grout off the stone before it dries (this is very important).
Epoxy material

Sample: Agung Lava Stone Spacing